How I Made $15,000 In A Single Day

I will detail in my introduction post how I was able to achieve $15,000 gross profit in a single day using a blackhat search engine marketing scheme.

  1. We registered 100+ domains with the prefix FREE for different restaurants. For example, we registered,,, etc.
  2. We iframed $15 US based pin submit offers so that it looked like we were going to give away free restaurant food.
  3. We bought a lot of traffic on Yahoo Search Marketing and at the time, cloaking wasn’t necessary so we were able to bump up the volume pretty much immediately.
  4. Conversion rates were extremely high. It converted like a good tasting cake at a party. People opted in like crazy.

Simple! We were able to generate more than $150,000 in less than two weeks before we were politely asked not to do it anymore and paid us out!

If you tried this method right now, the advertiser wouldn’t be happy with the lead quality and the CPA network would likely hold payment from you. It was great because we were getting daily payments. It was pretty boss at the time. They didn’t really care about us running this kind of traffic and it is now out of their statute of limitations to be able to do anything about it since it was almost ten years ago so I’m now disclosing a little bit about our crazy blackhat partnership and endeavor.

Happy hunting, guys. Keep up the motivation and never give up. Since then, I have gone completely legitimate in terms of launching startups and whitehat projects only. I’ve gone completely legitimate because I don’t wish to get in trouble with the law but at the same time, don’t mind detailing some blackhat endeavors I’ve been involved with. Might have been a bit misleading and unethical but the CPA network seemed to have sided with us. ┬áCheers!